Live365 Radio for iPhone
Install Live365 Radio
for iPhone or iPod Touch

Version 1.1.0

Installing Live365 Radio for iPhone or iPod Touch

There are several ways to download and install Live365 Radio to your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

Install direct to your device.
We recommend that you click the App Store icon from your iPhone/iPod Touch desktop and install direct to your device.

Once the App Store is open on your device, click the search button and type "Live365 Radio." When you have successfully located it, click the "Install" button. The application includes a 5-day VIP free trial.

Alternative installation method:

Install with the iTunes desktop software.
Go to the iPhone App Store, and choose "install." (This link will open your iTunes application.)
Live365 Radio is free to download and install. Includes a 5-day VIP free trial!
After you have downloaded the application, connect/sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes and Live365 Radio will be installed.

Uninstalling Live365 Radio

From your iPhone/iPod desktop, press and hold the Live365 icon until it starts to wobble. When that happens an X will appear in the corner of the icon. Press the X and the application will be deleted.

Live365 Radio for iPhone or iPod Touch

  • Any iPhone or iPod Touch

Live365 Radio for iPhone Requirements
  • iPhone or iPod Touch (3G or otherwise)
  • Unlimited data plan (you will be streaming a lot and you don't want any nasty surprises when your phone bill comes!)

Using the form below, please give us feedback on any issues you encounter when using Live365 Radio. Even if Live365 Radio works perfectly for you, please fill out this form and let us know so we can add your device to the list of supported devices.

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