Live365 Radio for Windows Mobile
Install Live365 Radio
for Windows® Mobile 5/6

Version 1.0.57
Release History

We recommend that you point your phone's browser directly to the Live365 Radio Mobile install page (

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Installing Live365 Radio for Windows® Mobile 5/6

Install direct to your phone.
Point your phone's browser directly to the Live365 Radio Mobile install page ( Once you're on the web page, click the install link next to the Windows Mobile picture and the install process will begin.

Uninstalling Live365 Radio

  1. From the Windows Mobile Desktop, click "Start."
  2. Scroll down to the "Settings" item and select it.
  3. Scroll down to the "Remove Programs" item and select it.
  4. Scroll down to "Live365 Radio" and select it. Confirm by clicking "yes" and it will be uninstalled

Thank you for trying Live365 Radio. Please click the "Share Feedback" link at the top of this page to tell us about your experience!

Live365 Radio for Windows® Mobile 5/6

Currently we are testing Live365 Radio on the following devices (more to be added with your help!)
  • AT&T 7525, Tilt
  • Audiovox 6700
  • Blackjack
  • Cingular 8125, 8525
  • Dell Axim X51V
  • Dopod 810, 595, 838 Pro
  • HP IPAQ 2750, hx4700, 510, 514
  • HTC Orange SPV3100, Wizard, Mogul, 3300, 6800, Touch 6900, Touch P3450
  • I-mate JAQ
  • Motorola Q, Q9
  • Palm devices running the Windows Mobile OS
  • PPC-6700
  • Samsung i760
  • Sprint PPC-6700
  • Starcom 6700
  • T-Mobile Dash, Wing, MDA
  • Treo 700w, 700wx, 750
  • Verizon VX6700

Live365 Radio should operate on most mobile phones running Windows Mobile 5 or 6. It may not run on the Windows 2003 or CE operating systems. Not available for Palm 650, 655 handsets at this time.

Live365 Radio for Windows® Mobile 5/6 Requirements
  • Windows Mobile 5 or 6
  • At least 3 MB free disk space on device or on storage card
  • Unlimited data plan (you'll be streaming a lot and we don't want any nasty surprises when your phone bill comes!)

Using the form below, please give us feedback on any issues you encounter when using Live365 Radio. Even if Live365 Radio works perfectly for you, please fill out this form and let us know so we can add your device to the list of supported devices.

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How disruptive was the issue:
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