How to Search and Browse

Search for Stations

Live365 search is now simpler and more powerful, so finding stations you want to hear should be easier than ever!

You'll find basic search boxes in many locations on our site: When you visit our home page, on the Listen page, and on any page in our station directory.

When you search, you can search for specific terms by typing your terms into the search box and clicking the gold "Go" button. When you provide search terms, our search engine will look through station titles, station descriptions, station keywords and station playlists and return results for matches it finds in those fields.

By default, our search engine looks for ALL the words you enter, so if you type beatles abba old 97s, it will only return stations which match on all three artists: The Beatles, Abba and Old '97s.

In some cases, our search engine may ignore certain common words (like "the") that you enter in search queries.

You can also search for stations within a specific genre by typing your search term in the search box, then choosing a genre from the dropdown menu. For example, if you type Madonna, and then your choose the genre "Christian" from the genre dropdown, your results will include ONLY stations that match on Madonna AND that have specified "Christian" as one of their genres.

Browse for Stations

If you'd like to browse stations in a certain genre or catagory, you don't need to type a search term or click the gold "Go" button. Simply choose a category or genre from our dropdown menu, and you will be presented with a list of stations in that category or genre.

In addition to genres, our browse dropdown offers you the following categories of stations: My Presets, which are stations that you have previously "bookmarked"; Recommendations, which are stations that have been recommended by Live365 or by other listeners; Editor's Picks, or stations that our editorial team has designated to be exceptional; Indy/Official, stations that have been created from material that is owned by the artist or entity programming the station, and Professional, which are stations that are operated by businesses or rebroadcasts of "terrestrial" radio stations.

Ready for More?

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