Promote Your Music to a Worldwide Audience

And You Are...?

Have some great music you'd like everyone to hear? Want to promote your music to a worldwide audience? With Live365's PRO broadcast services not only can you promote your music to an worldwide audience but you can showcase your talent while driving your sales and exposure.

Use Live365's PRO services to:

  • Allow secure listening to your music without the risk of illegal downloading
  • Create a better atmosphere around your website by setting up an Internet radio station to your website that plays your music as well as other material, interviews etc.
  • Create a interactive link that you can email to labels, clubs, fans etc. which will launch your custom Internet radio station
  • Drive direct CD or legal download sales through 'buy' buttons on your Internet radio station

In addition, Live365 supplies you with detailed statistics and printable graphs in order to better track your broadcast and listeners. Click here.

  • Number of current listeners
  • Number of station launches
  • Geographic details on your listeners (what city, state or country)
  • Number of listening hours
  • Average Time Spent Listening
  • Ranking within the Live365 Network

All statistics above measured daily, monthly and year-to-date.

Create your own look and feel to your broadcast by:

  • Customizing our standard player window
  • Creating your own player window
  • Insert your own audio advertisements, interviews, concert dates, promotions
  • Making your station linkable to your partners' websites

Typical setup with Live365's PRO services:

With Live365's turnkey services you can get your Internet station started with just a basic computer and an Internet connection. You can either upload your MP3 files to Live365's servers or you can broadcast directly from your own computer. Live365 provides all the necessary broadcasting software and support to get started within one business day. Here are the minimum requirements for your computer:

  • At least 400 MHz
  • A sound card (most computers already have one installed in them)
  • Running at least Windows 98 or Mac OSX

More advanced broadcaster?

No problem, just attach your soundboard, mixing board or automation system to a computer and Internet connection and you are ready to go. We'll provide the necessary details depending on how you want to have your station set up.


  1. Royalty Included - If you are planning on playing 'any' audio that is copyrighted and/or licensed, you will need to select one of our Royalty Included Packages. You can figure that most music will be copyrighted/licensed in some way, shape or form and that we believe it is always better to protect yourself and your station by opting for this royalty coverage. Live365 is the only streaming provider able to provide you with full coverage for SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.
  2. Standard - If you are not going to be playing any copyrighted/licensed material (such as a talk show, sporting event or sermons) or you happen to own the copyright/license to your material then you may certainly choose from one of our Standard Packages.

Independent Music's pro broadcasting service has been invaluable in our efforts to promote independent music to new listeners. We are now broadcasting our music to 3,000 people a day on average, giving our artists a listening audience they've never had before. Best of all, our program's success on has opened up doors to further syndication, giving us the opportunity to expand our audience reach even more.

- David Nevue, Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio (