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A Mix of Rock, Pop and Soul & Album Cuts from the 70's

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Jim Thomas
I Grew up listening to the Radio in the 50's and 60's. Started playing Drums in 1960, which led to A Band, Road Gigs and eventually The Army, Vietnam, then finally I got to get on the Air as Army Sargent Jim Thomas with the Fort Wood Show in 1969. From there it led to Oklahoma, Florida and Most of my 35 years in Radio in Dallas, Texas my Home. I worked at a bunch of Radio Stations, you can see them all if you care to, on my website 70's Preservation Society which has been on the web 14 years. I retired from Radio in 2001, but it's in my blood and I can't sleep at night, so we decided to get a station on live365...The rest is History.

J.J. Thomas
I grew up in Radio, in fact I was the result of a radio station contest. I was broadcast on the air at KDSX in Denison Texas, June 1st, 1973 when Jim played a recording of my baby screams when I was born on the station via a two-way radio from the Station News Car. JINXED! You may have heard me in Corpus Christi, Austin, or Tallahassee most recently, and more than likely I owe somebody along the way 10 bucks.