DJ Profile
post-punk music online from Cathedral 13 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: 777defile
Location: hartford, WI

Cathedral#13 has been on air since June 20th, 2002. It has moved and can be found on Radionomy. Over 2500 songs in rotation, ad free, no sign-up necessary. 128kbps.
Favorite Artists

Dr. Arthur Krause
High quality goth from Gothenburg Sweden. Keep an eye out for this band in the future.

chants of maldoror
also check out human disease and spiritual bats!

Disjecta Membra
They're back! great vocals and excellent song writing.

The Evil Speaks
Incredible deathrock from Germany.

The Wake
Keep your eyes open for something new on the horizon...

Favorite Albums

The Evil Speaks - Resounding 2002
Perfect deathrock from the beginning track to the last.

Also - The Void is Calling
I'll never understand why this band wasn't huge. I need it on CD though!

Dr. Arthur Krause - Before and After
There is not a weak track on this disc. Highly recommended.

Disjecta Membra - Achromatica
great deep, dark voice... great to drive to late at night

Chants of Maldoror - Thy hurting heaven
Christian Death meets Bauhaus...

Favorite Broadcasters

creepy+different=good music

c_death... sometimes a name says it all

traumatics, label of Anders Manga

Great selection of dark music

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