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DJ: ajm_t1dsl
Location: Atlanta, GA

Hello everyone.

This is WAJM Smooth Jazz... Atlanta Jazz Moods....

I started listening to Contemporary Jazz (Now for the most part falling under the Smooth Jazz genre), back in 1985. Being in the entertainment industry at the time, I had been very fortunate to have met many artists in every genre. By far, it seems to me that the Contemporary Jazz/Smooth Jazz artists are most compasionate about the music they compose. If you know how to listen to it, you can hear and feel what they are trying to communicate through their melodies. All the tracks you hear on Atlanta Jazz Moods are from our ever growing CD collection. You will not ever hear anything that has been downloaded from popular MP3 downloading networks. The music industry is a very hard business to survive in. Please support the artists and the people behind the scenes in the studios that work so hard to produce and engineer the great music you hear on WAJM by purchasing music for yourself. Atlanta Jazz Moods is our way of giving something back to the artists by spreading their work to listeners like you. Thank you for listening. Sit back and enjoy the music.

W.A.J.M. Smooth Jazz - Atlanta Jazz Moods
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All artists of yesterday and today
There are just too many to list. They all have equal value in my rank book.

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Not Too Smooth

Music To Live, Love and Play By.

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