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rock music online from BRCFP on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: gillingham, United Kingdom

ive decided to call myself allsorts man cause i like so much music im hoping to play rock,blues,folk,country,singer songwriters,60s 70s 80s 90s.ive got hugh record collection of 8000 lps 1500 cds gonna try a play less know tracks so people can get to hear them,as well as classics.the radio stations in uk are so biased against old stuff and decent music,they are only interested in modern pop,rap dance etc. even ones that play a bit of rock play same old im gonna play less know stuff.might take me awhile though.
Favorite Artists

bruce springsteen
best live performer in world.

john hiatt
great songwriter

golden earring
been going since 60s still going strong very underated group.made tons of songs but everybody only knows radar love.

reba mcentire
great emotional country voice

jimmy barnes
fantastic rock voice

Favorite Albums

mostly autumn - last bright light
better than floyd

golden earring - naked truth
great live unplugged album

spirit - 12 dreams of dr sardonicus
great rock pysch album

reba mcentire - if you see him
great modern country album

supertramp - crime of the century
fantastic rock album