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XX2 - A modern alternative to alternative radio!

About Double X-2 Radio

A second channel of alternative music developed to let you hear what's important now and what you missed in the 20 years following the original Double X radio. We want to extend your knowledge into what happened in the 90's BESIDES the grunge movement. We like to call it, "A modern alternative to alternative radio".

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Double X2 is the companion site to Double X Radio, the online incarnation of Pittsburgh's classic new wave station - WXXP 100.7 FM. Listen here for a slightly different take on alternative rock in the 90's and beyond. We challenge you to say WHAT IF grunge rock didn't take over America's rock airwaves by including grunge but focusing instead on post-punk and all the other genres of alternative rock in the past two decades. We believe it would have been a magical new era in rock. Most of today's alternative rock stations play music that still worships at the temple of Kurt Cobain. We see the world as a bit larger than that! Come listen and hear what we're talking about!