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DJ: alwinder
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First of all,my name is Alberto,originally from Chile,and living in Vancouver,Canada,for the last 37 years.The "raison d'être" of this station is to share my personal collection of international,or if you prefer,world music,with my listeners,music which had captured my attention around 30 years ago,I grew up listening and loving classical music,the likes of J.S. Bach,Vivaldi,Italian operas and German operettas,to name a few,and when I "discovered" popular music I was around 35 years old.I started listening to Latin,Greek and German music and very soon Japanese,Brazilian and European music,Armenian,Russian and Jewish,American,etc..I was fortunate that my wife took a liking of this music ,and we attended countless parties,specially Italian,German,Latinoamerican and Portuguese restaurants and ballrooms,where music like this was played. En primer lugar, mi nombre es Alberto, originario de Chile, y vivo en Vancouver, Canadá, por los últimos 35 años.La "raison d'être" de esta estación es compartir con mis auditores mi colección personal de música internacional,o si uds. prefieren,música del mundo,que había capturado mi atención hace 30 años,crecí escuchando y disfrutando de la música clásica,compositores como JS Bach, Vivaldi, óperas italianas y operetas alemanas,por nombrar unos pocos,y cuando "descubri" la música popular fue cuando tenia cerca de 35 años.Entonces comenzé a escuchar música Latína, Griega y Alemana, y muy pronto Japonesa, Brasileña y Europea,Armenia, Rusa y Judía,Americana,etc.Tuve la suerte de que mi a esposa le gustara esta música, y juntos frecuentamos muchos lugares,especialmente reastaurants y ballrooms Italianos,Alemanes,Portugueses y Latinoamericanos donde música como esta se interpretaba.
Favorite Artists

Cesaria Evora
Her unassuming style,she is very humble and has a beautiful voice,and her songs are superb

Marinela and Parios
A couple of renowned singers from Greece

Alla Pugacheva
Beautiful pop music from Russia

Chico Avila
Portuguese singer radicated in California

Clara Nunes
Brazilian singer,superb voice and songs

Favorite Albums

All the best from Russia -
Charming music and excelent recording.

Mis Perfumado,by Cesaria Evora -
Good recording and lovely songs.

St. Matthew Passion,By J.S.Bach -
You do not need to be a christian to listen to this music,but it is really moving and profoundly religious.

Brasileiro -
Every song in this CD is good.

Buena Vista Social Club -
Nostalgic and lively music from Cuba.

Favorite Broadcasters

Music in a variety of languages


Soothing,jazzing international tunes

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