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50s music online from AM GOLD RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Hal Fi
Location: Redding, CA

AM GOLD RADIO plays alot of the good old Rock & Roll hits of the 50's 60's and some 70's, with an emphasis on the instrumentals that these AM radio stations played back then. I loved every instrumental song that they played. The AM stations I listened to were KFWB 980, KHJ 930, KRLA 1110 a nearby 50,000 watt'er, all in the Los Angeles area. And for you KXOL fans, (1660 AM on the great Salt Lake)during the 10,000 Watt days, I play'em here. I tend to stay with the upbeat songs so hang onto your hats when you tune in to AM GOLD RADIO.
Favorite Broadcasters

Great Walt Disney World sounds

Great Dixieland Gumbo

Vegas Vics Tiki Room

New Age, Ambient Music

80's Flashback