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DJ: Chris Br
Location: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

They say radio is in your blood... These words are true, especially rock radio! For 10 years I was on the air in Corpus Christi and San Antonio at places like 99.5 KISS, KZEP Classic Rock, and KRYS/KEYS Corpus Christi. I met Aerosmith, Robert Plant, Jason Bonham (Son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer, John) Back to the blood... After 20 years of making an honest living in the IT industry, I could not stay away any longer. It's Time to ROCK, you all! The Kid is Back!
Favorite Artists

Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page was the most innovative guitarist of our times. Plant's lyrics were insightful to say the least. Plant is very down to earth, I met him during the Maniac Nirvana tour in San Antonio.

A band that is not afraid to rock, and lived to tell about it. I interviewed them during 1889's Back in the Saddle Tour in San Antonio


The intelligent rocker's band. Thier early work chronicled technology.

They knew how to get attention and keep it.

Favorite Albums

Aerosmith - Rocks
Last child...Combination...Rats in the cellar..Back in the Saddle...Don't know these? You don't know Aerosmith

Blue Oyster Cult - On your feet or On your Knees
BOC at their best..Live, with legendary vocalist and New Your Punk Patti Smith, who also worked with them on Agents of Fortune

Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune
This was one of the most slick, and altogether wierd albums ever done with the exception of Lou Reed's work. Lou showed the strangeness, but not the talent BOC did for packaging it. AOF is a lot like this station. Yeah, you'll hear Reaper every so often, but the real select tracks are Tattoo Vampire and ETI(The Extraterrestrial)...The good stuff isn't always what made the Top Tracks. ..

Alice in Chains - Unplugged
Borderline insane lyrics, Layne Staley singing and Jerry Cantrell's guitar work. ..Come on..

Green Day - America Idiot
This band still has the attitude. That's kickass since they are about 15 years old now.

Favorite Broadcasters

BigJoe 97.3 TheBigJoe
Good mix of fun music at BigJoe's the Best Top 40 music in Missouri!

Internet FM Feel Good Radio
Your Host, Ashley has the best in 70's pop covered for you alone. Tune in and check it out! Oh, and he's not really 99...

Jodash Radio
Home of the Oldies!A great station located in Great Britian, so yu know the British Invasion as well as other great oldies are covered!

Cruisin' Oldies Radio
Vinnie Lewis Brings back Happy Days!

The Only station that rocks as well as we do! Salute!