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downtempo music online from Chillcast Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: anji bee
Location: Long Beach, CA

Anji Bee is a podcaster, vidcaster and the vocalist for Lovespirals. Anji joined Live365 way back in 1999, creating the popular station "Lovely Ladies of Electronica," featuring female fronted electronic bands. She switched names to Chillcuts in 2004 and began including male vocals and instrumentals in the mix. In 2006, Anji launched a podsafe music podcast called The Chillcast on the Podshow Podcast Network, which was also part of PodShow's Sirius Stars 102 lineup. Come find out more about Anji at!
Favorite Artists

*my* band, an organic blend of jazz, soul, blues, folk, and - suprisingly - electronica.

Love Spirals Downwards
lovespirals before i joined, basically. different singers, same musician.

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