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christian music online from Worship Messiah JESUS! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: anna maria
Location: Box 482, Port Richey, FL 34673, FL

YAHOO: annamarieisgro63
Worship Messiah JESUS! is now available for FREE for EVERYONE to listen to. I pay for this broadcast to be FREE for all listeners. Delete and erase your cookies if you are prompted to sign in and pay. I am a Disabled American Veteran. I would like Messiah YAHshua (THE LORD JESUS CHRIST) to use my broadcast to heal people and restore their joy. I pray that the Holy Ghost will jump out and touch everybody who is listening to my broadcast. Worship Messiah JESUS! is now available for EVERYONE to listen to. Find Worship Messiah JESUS! on Facebook: If you have a special request for me to play that is in the praise and worship genre, send me an email or message and I will put it on the playlist. I welcome all Jews, Christians, and everybody in the whole wide world to hear my broadcast, and they are also welcome to e-mail me with their comments, suggestions, criticism, questions, and even prayer requests, and whatever else they need to share or get off their chest. Love, Anna Marie
Favorite Artists

I really appreciate Eddie Carswell's songwriting.

Michael W. Smith
I appreciate Michael W. Smith's musical expression through the songs he writes.

Cheri Keaggy
I enjoy the Holy Spirit's joy that flows from her songs.

Rebecca St. James
I enjoy the powerful expression that flows from her music.

Paul Wilbur
I enjoy worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in their native culture and sound.

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