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After a hectic and exciting liftoff, the crew settles down to their daily "routine" of basic housekeeping chores and navigation.


A fairly "uneventful" day in space, if any day in space is uneventful. The highlight is a brief TV transmission of our home.


The third day continues the trans-lunar coast. A minor concern arises due to the Soviet's mysterious Luna 15 mission, thought to be a last ditch attempt to return lunar samples first. Also viewers are given a first-hand tour of the Lunar module, Eagle.


Apollo 11 finally enters Lunar orbit. A television broadcast is sent home on the second orbit, and then the crew settles down and rests in preparation for the next day.


This is the big day! The first task was the extensive powering up of Eagle. Every switch and piece of equipment had to be set just right, checked and double-checked. Finally, Eagle is given the "go" for undocking...


Now is the time...all that is needed now is to fire Eagle's engine and take 'er down. Included in this set are the normal comm tapes, but you will also find the extremely rare on-board recordings along with the Mission Controller's ground loop.


With the most dangerous part of the mission behind them, Neil and Buzz could finally get down to the moonwalk. Originally scheduled for sleep, they decided to have the moonwalk first. After all they just LANDED ON THE MOON! Who would be able to sleep?


Eagle lifts-off from the Moon and reunites with Michael Collins in orbit. With the mission objectives behind them, Columbia fires up its engine and heads for home.


The crew settles in to a trans-Earth routine. Aldrin and Collins send back television of zero-gravity experiments such as how one eats dinner when dinner is floating in mid-air, or how to drink a "bubble" of water.


The 3 men send back their final television broadcast with their thoughts on the weeks history making activities. They then prepare for re-entry, stowing their equipment and precious lunar samples. Re-entry happens on time and exactly as planned.


Here is where the mission begins. The spacecraft orbits the Earth 1 1/2 times. "TLI" is Trans-lunar injection, which sends Apollo out of orbit towards the Moon.


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Apollo 11 is man's first mission to another world in July, 1969. This broadcast contains the entire sweep of the mission's air-to-ground audio taken from the "PAO Loop", starting at 3 hours before launch, through splashdown 8 days later.