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trance music online from ARANJI by orangeAge :: on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: aranji_analog
Location: San Francisco, CA

Aranji is a monthly club night at Club Six in San Francisco. Thrown by the Orange Age collective, the party is held every first Friday of the month. The party features live performances by electronic musicians, DJs and artists.

Aranji is broadcast live and then archived and rebroadcast around the clock.

The music centers around trance and techno, but we're known to deviate to push the minds of our following. Every Aranji features a different kind of art.. ranging from live painting, performance art, space shaping, video and projections, etc.

Enjoy sets by San Francisco's finest: Forest Green, Spesh, Dutch, Ron 'RKTECH' Reeser and residents Barefoot, Cerrelean, Brownboy and J:miah.

Check out past lineups and photographic evidence of mass hysteria.

Favorite Artists

John Digweed
The master of the slow build..

Favorite Albums

Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure
The mix album that changed it all..

Favorite Broadcasters

One of the Orange Age kidz.. this guy wrecks it.

One of the Orange Age kidz.. this guy wrecks it.

Dreamy, progressive builds.

Dreamy, progressive builds.

Another incredible SF party.. Eklektic

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