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jazz music online from aTTeNTioN sPaN raDiO 1 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: arcticstorm
Location: Lufkin, TX

AIM: ASRBamman
I'm an ex-army brat, born in Texas. I lived in Germany for 8 years where I graduated high school in Berlin in 1974. I became a professional bass player after returning to the US in 1976, and toured with various hotel bands extensively until 1982 when I became interested in computer programming in Dallas, TX. In 1988, I was relocated to Vancouver, WA by Software Support Int. for whom I wrote an anti-copy protection/disk utilities package for the Commodore C-64 and Amiga called "Maverick", which was a great success. When the bottom fell out of that market, I moved back into business programming and am now employed as a systems engineer specializing in the IBM I-series (AS/400), Citrix Metaframe and my company's awesome data-mining application called "Minepoint" (
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The hippest, coolest mix of instrumental jazz, funk and rock on internet radio.