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DJ: arhythmius
Location: Los Angeles, CA

I arrived at the rock/pop music table relatively late. Sure, I was brought up to appreciate the Beatles, but by the time I reached the age when many kids start buying music (or ask their parents to buy it for them), there was only disco and Led Zeppelin to be heard. So much for music appreciation.

Eventually, as an adult, I did learn to love modern music, and quickly accumulated a multitude of CD's. And when I looked over my collection, I realized that the vast majority of the artists were female (or female-fronted bands), and most of those had not cracked the Top 40. Was it the tone of female voices that appealed to me? Or did I just have a crush on 150 women? I don't really know.

What I DO know is that, a couple of years ago, my local Modern Rock radio station (KROQ) stopped playing female artists altogether! Thus, I decided to do the opposite, and start a station that would play ONLY female artists and vocalists.

Favorite Artists

A real live, actual musical genius. My favorite artist.

Kate Bush
An extraordinarily talented woman: Vocalist, musician, songwriter, dancer, director. One of my early favorites.

Tori Amos
I can't dislike anyone who lists Faeries and Manu Katche among her personal influences.

The Police
Probably the first rock band I ever genuinely liked. Stewart Copeland is a god.

Siouxsie and the Banshees
Probably my all-time favorite band, they were an integral part of the formation of British punk.

Favorite Broadcasters

"Techno Prisoners!": Straight Trance from a bent DJ (don't worry, he takes that as a complement).

"Art of Darkness": Darkwave & other luscious genres, featuring mostly female artists. The kind of station I would run if I were any good at this...

"The Angel Theory": "Ambient" is far too limiting a word to describe the beautiful, lush tracks played on this station. Must be heard to be appreciated.

"Glitterbox": The techno station that didn't check its sense of humor at the door. Electro, New Wave, Mashups, and fun mixes by Kitty herself!

Red brings us The Station With the Remarkably Similar Name...also known as The Estrogen Zone. She's a class act, so do her a favor and listen to her station.

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