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Featuring ONLY innovative female artists. [] ...Because *RADIO...NEEDS...WOMEN!*

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I arrived at the rock/pop music table relatively late. Sure, I was brought up to appreciate the Beatles, but by the time I reached the age when many kids start buying music (or ask their parents to buy it for them), there was only disco and Led Zeppelin to be heard. So much for music appreciation.

Eventually, as an adult, I did learn to love modern music, and quickly accumulated a multitude of CD's. And when I looked over my collection, I realized that the vast majority of the artists were female (or female-fronted bands), and most of those had not cracked the Top 40. Was it the tone of female voices that appealed to me? Or did I just have a crush on 150 women? I don't really know.

What I DO know is that, a couple of years ago, my local Modern Rock radio station (KROQ) stopped playing female artists altogether! Thus, I decided to do the opposite, and start a station that would play ONLY female artists and vocalists.

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So, THAT happened!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, FEMALE FRONT internet radio was forced to cease its status as an active station. This was an agonizing decision, and one which I did not make lightly.

My dream is that someday I will be able to resurrect FEMALE FRONT as a radio station, and perhaps more. But for now, Live365 VIP members may listen to an archived broadcast of my final playlist -- randomly shuffled every day for variety!

You may also check out the Female Front Blog archive at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.

Thank you so very much for your support of this station and its mission.

Regards, Arhythmius