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DJ: pops
Location: Wichita, KS

Hi my name is Henry,born in the great state of louisiana,5th of 6 children.father of 6 children,4 sons and 2 daughters.married 32 yrs to my beautiful wife annie.we are also good friends.and most of all I love JESUS CHRIST because he put music in my heart and I love it.because music is like medicine and can heal a wounded heart and can sooth the savage reached way back when king saul would be over whelmed by evil spirits he would call for david to play the harp and drive away the evil spirits and thats what my goal is to provide music that will help produce good vibes that bring peace and a joyful feelings,to be up lifting and positive waves of love togetherness and just a fun atmosphere where ever it may be has and will always be in my life as a singer and bass guitar player music is a part of me and I do it for the love of is the the langauge of the universe that everyone understand and enjoy.