DJ Profile
hawaiian/pacific music online from Hawaiian 101 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj art
Location: Kansas City, MO

AIM: Art Hadley
I'm a long time radio guy, and started visiting Hawai'i and listening to Hawaiian music in the early '90s. I was tired of classic rock, bored with the classical, and the old jazz my local public radio stations play was worn thin too. Suddenly, I found there ARE people still making really good music. All kinds of music. Over four thousand miles away, in Hawai'i! No wonder it took me so long to find them. Enjoy!
Favorite Artists

Willy K
Rock and roll, with the voice of an angel.

Their exquisite first album helped make Hawaiian music make sense for me.

Keola Beamer
Everything he touches becomes elegant.

John Martyn
OK, not everything is Hawaiian, but he did live on Maui for a while.

Jade Warrior
There's never been anything like them.

Favorite Broadcasters

All Slack Key Guitar, All The Time.

Kaua`i's community station.

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