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DJ: arthur6250
Location: Troy, NY

MSN: Art
Hi: My name is Art Durivage,I always wanted to start a radio station that plays not only the hits of the 50's through the 90's but also todays latest Top40,Adult Contemporary,Pop,Country and also music by all you people out there who want to give your music some on air notoriety. Well that's what my station WIDEMUSIC.COM will do. So please send me your music by going to my website and going to our CONTACT US page and sending it via mp3 attachment. If your song fits our format,then we'll give it airtime. So I hope you like the station and become a dedicated listener to WIDEMUSIC.COM.
Favorite Artists

Elvis Presley
The greatest rock n' roll star ever.He left us much too soon.He could not only sing rock n' roll but also ballads and also patriotic songs, a great,great artist.

The Beatles
The greatest rock group ever.Not only a great rock group,but great writers as well.I also think when they went solo that each of them were great solo artists as well,especially,John & Paul,George & Ringo are great too but not quite as dominant.

Rolling Stones
Here's a group that has been performing since the early 60's and there still going at it.Still on tour,what a fantastic story.Their latest album was a number 1 selling album on the charts.

The Beachboys
A great American band and one of the best groups for harmony.A sound that is so unique,so many others try to match them but they don't come close.Brian Wilson is a unique writer with the sound he created to make the Beachboys one of the best.

Roy Orbison
Now there's not only a great recording artist but another great artist.There have been so many artists who have sang his music.With his clean high pitched voice,he made it sound so easy to do.I saw a show on public tv awhile ago doing his last concert,Bruce Springsteen was there as well as Bonnie Rait and other famous artists.

Favorite Albums

Elvis Presley - Greatest Hits.
This album has everyone of his hits from start to finish.Every song is great.To make this one of the largest selling albums ever made.

Sgt.Peppers - The Beatles
Not only a great album,but a unique sounding album.With hits like A day in the life and Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.A great album.

Endless Summer - The Beachboys
A great collection of all their greatest hits.

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
A double album that he did in 1971,one of my favorite albums.Every song on it is great.

Greatest Hits Vo. 2 - Bob Dylan
This album has all the best hits he ever made and by far this exemplifies how great a writer and artist he is.

Favorite Broadcasters

90's Grooves
I think he plays the best in love songs.

V-Groove 50
Plays alot of the 50,s hits and man do they bring back memories.

Beatt 498
He plays alot of Beatles and music by the British groups which I like alot.

Vinyl Haven
He plays alot of the old psychadelic hits of the 60's,stuff you don't hear much.

Robert Bass
Plays the best hits of the 80's,a good mix.

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