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DJ: artster
Location: San Antonio, TX

AIM: Artster63
Growing up in the 60's and 70's was a lucky strike for me. What a time to be listening to rock and roll on the FM dial. From the British Invasion to the Psychedelic movement. From the Glam to the Progressive. Bands experimenting with synthesizers and electronic circuitry, raising the bar on what music was to be. The mixing of Rock and R&B or Blues. The Funk revolution and the Southern Rock explosion. Arena concerts selling out to tens of thousands. Yes indeed, I'm just carrying on what has always been in me pretty much all my life. An internal appreciation for the songs and groups that carved my listening pleasure. Every song has a memory. Every note a purpose. Join me as I share my favorites with you and I invite you to awaken your memories in the process.
Favorite Artists

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Southern Rock at it's best

Allman Brothers
Bluesy rock

REO Speedwagon
Arena greats

The Rolling Stone
Leading the invasion

Taking me to another level

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