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A fun mix of tunes from lounge, standards, rockabilly & soundtracks, to comedy & retro modern! You'll also hear vintage movie trailers & snack bar ads! Saturdays at noon & 7PM (Pacific) tune in for Koop Kooper's 'Cocktail Nation' radio show from Sydney!

About atomic reggie

Due to a radio-active accident beyond human understanding, mild-mannered Reginald Finkelblatt has been transformed into "Atomic Reggie"! He now toils as the guardian of the Drive-In, bringing you amazing music, Z-movie trailers, and vintage snack bar ads for your listening enjoyment! Suggestions or comments? check out the channel website at:! Atomic Reggie loves to hear from you!

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HALLOWEIRD SHOW PLAYING NOW! Weird music, Spook Show Ads, & Scary radio Shows!!It's always dusk at The Drive-In Lounge and the show is about to start! We're a very unique internet radio station featuring an eclectic mix of tunes such as lounge, classic pop, standards, exotica, retro modern, vintage and the movie music you might remember from the drive-in years. You'll also hear public domain trailers from some of the worst Z-grade films that ever slithered their way on to the giant screen, along with tasty intermission snack bar ads and rare surprises you won't hear anywhere else! Our extensive playlist is UPDATED OFTEN to keep things fresh and frisky! It's hip, it's weird, it's FUN, it's The Drive-In Lounge! We're very happy to announce the addition of lounge Lothario Koop Kooper's terrific weekly radio show, the 'Cocktail Nation' to our programming line up! Each week, from high atop his penthouse bachelor pad in Sydney, Australia, he brings you the best in lounge & exotica music, swank advice, interesting guests, and the latest goings on in the retro world! Tune in for a new episode every Saturday at 12PM & again at 7PM (Pacific), and for encore airings Tuesdays at the same times. Our web site is: If you like what you hear, please spread the word and like us on Facebook! DON'T FORGET TO RATE OUR STATION! Thanks!