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seasonal/holiday music online from BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS MUSIC on Live365 Internet Radio

Listen on-line at home or at the office or throughout your store for Christmas shoppers. Listen to seasonal holiday music online from BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS MUSIC on Internet Radio. The world's Most Beautiful Christmas Music. Our playlist contains over 2500 holiday favorites, all performed in a fairly traditional style. That means the playlist holds up because of an enjoyable collection of traditional standards performed by the likes of The 101 Strings, Sven Libeck, Stanton Lanier, Skitch Henderson, Jose Melis, Ronnie Aldrich, Roger Williams, Mantovani, Jim Brickman, Jackie Gleason, Johnny Douglas, Living Strings, Frank Chacksfield, Alfred Hause, Franck Pourcel, Manuel, Andre Kostelanetz, David Rose, George Melachrino and many others. We hope you will stay tuned in and invite your friends to listen in too. Presented by

My favorite beautiful Christmas music selections throughout the day and night. Some complete performances from recordings of the mid 20th century. Many favorite short pieces from my old LP collection. Enjoy! Please write through "SHOUTOUT" on the Live 365 Station Page.---"R A Campbell"

"Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia"

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