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classic country music online from Dingo Creek Country on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: aussie bob
Location: Wondai, Australia

AIM: Bob
I am just the normal everyday person that enjoys all Australian Country Music. Bush Ballads being my best liking since a young age, having grown listening to the old Balladeers naming just a few,Stan Coster,Buddy Williams,Tex Morton,Shorty Ranger and the list goes on. Have been involved in radio for a number of years, mainly community FM stations, had a short stint here on Live365 and that time was a new experience for me but had to leave due to unseen circumstances, would have liked to carry on presenting on the FM stations but health problems are making it a little uncomfortable to do so. Being what I am and what I like to do I have made the choice of setting up again here and sharing some of the best country music to be heard here on Dingo Creek Country. The station name came about from the name of the creek that runs past our home here in Wondai. My intention is to play as many of the old Australian Ballads and whatever new ones that become available.