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DJ: leftarmtan
Location: Fort Worth, TX

I'm a genius trapped in an idiot's body. I admire writers and musicians who are able to passionately express their "genius" in their songs. My favorite songs are the ones that take me on road trips.
Favorite Artists

Walt Wilkins
there is no better crafter of a song than the great poet, Walt Wilkins

Jay Farrar
Though often appearing despondent, he is a genius at creating a melancholy sound that has the opposite effect on my mood.

Wilco/Jeff Tweedy
While I am not a huge fan of wilco's studio work, as it is a little too experimental for my taste. They are the essence of the live band experience of our era.

Allman Brothers
The live band experience of the Allman Bros was the essence of live festival music for the last era, the one that I often find myself living in. Nothing make me want to hit the road like the sound of Dickie Betts and twin guitars!

Robert Earl Keen
There are few poets who can timelessly create tales that paint pictures in your head. Robert Earl Keen has the ability to write a song that is loved by all ages and socio-economic classes of people. He bridges the gap between people like Willie Nelson does.