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DJ: artygo
Location: Houston, TX

YAHOO: avdissa
I am graduate from the Columbia School of Broadcasting, Washington D.C. I graduated from the following courses: Radio Announcing, Basic Radio Production and T.V. Announcing. In the summer of 2007 I did an internship with XM Satellite Radio with the Latin stations cluster. Radio made an impact on me when I was growing up. I am sure some of you remember the days when all you had was radio and if you were lucky you had cable. Well I was ther along with you. I made up my mind back then, and I decided that no matter how long it will take me, someday I will be working in broadcasting in some form, and now, here I am taking my first babysteps in this industry.
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Tonny Bennet
The Best Singer in the world

Van Halen
The David Lee Roth Era was a lot of fun to watch.

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