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inspirational music online from Avinu--Sacred Hymns on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: avinu
Location: Millersville, MD

Avinu is Hebrew for "our father," as in Avraham Avinu, Abraham our father. Jesus would have begun "The Lord's Prayer" with this word. The words "Our Father which art in heaven" (Avinu sh'baShammayim), open many Hebrew prayers. I love the old hymns and want to share them with those of like mind. There seems to be precious few music sources for the hymns that lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and that have stood the test of time.
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Great Old Time Christian and Gospel Music from the 40s to the 70s

Your Source for Conservative Christian Music

Traditional Hymns with deeper lyrics. Also precious instrumentals. All imbedded in beautiful arrangements and orchestration.

This radio station plays sacred music 24/7, as recorded by individuals, families, and schools in the conservative holiness movement.

High-quality Christian choral music from various artists including the West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir, Chanticleer, Altar of Praise, Robert Shaw

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