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KLASSIC ORIENTED ROCK-N-ROLL,Songs that should have been klassics and songs that will be klassics.Songs that you have heard and some rare songs that you may not have heard yet...Songs that were Between The Lines.!

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Hi,Welcome to 'Between The Lines',The Music on this playlist was made up by me,for me and my Friends. Some of the songs are songs you have heard.but,mixed in with the other tunes that dont,or,didnt get airplay, and they go back to being great songs again! Artists like BANG,SLADE,STONEWALL, AMULET , LEAFHOUND , TOE FAT , DUST , DOG SOLDIER , FANDANGO , MAMA'S PRIDE , GLASS HARP, HENRY PAUL , MORGEN , FANTASY , CHERYL DILCHER ,NUGENT,SOUL KITCHEN,TRAFFIC, BRAVE BELT , JAKE JONES , JPT SCARE , JERICHO JONES , SNIFFN THE TEARS , JIMMY SPHEERIS , THE GODZ , RANDY PIE , STU NUNNERY , MOTHERS FINEST , IAN GOMM , SOCRATES DRANK THE CONIUM , CAPTAIN BEYOND , MISTRESS , TIGER, PAICE ASHTON LORD , GRINDER SWITCH , CRAWLER , HEADSTONE , PAVLOVS DOG , DENIM , KAHVAS JUTE , SNAIL , JONATHAN EDWARDS , FINNIGAN & WOODS , CATFISH , BREATHLESS , LES DUDEK , JOHN STEWART , THE BEAT{PAUL COLLINS} , JO JO GUNNE , IRONHORSE , BUDGIE , LAKE , THE KING BEES , HUDSON FORD , ALVIN LEE & MYLON LEFEVRE , J.D. BLACKFOOT , EARTHQUAKE , JEFF BECK , ATLANTA RYTHYM SECTION , KAYAK , ROCK CITY ANGELS,JOHNNY A,TRUTH AND JANEY, so, if you do hear a more common tune wait,cause you are just a few songs away from some TREASURE, from something really kool!! I do hope that you hear something that will take you back to a special memory,think of an old friend,remember a concert that you attended,or maybe you will hear something right now as you are making new memories! Hearing some of these songs again ,after so long,is just like Time Travelling!So Crank It Up to 11 and Rock On!!!!!! !!!!Thanks For Stopping By!!!!