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DJ: DevMan
Location: Santa Rosa, CA

MSN: deeperrootsradio
I'm a software developer in Northern California who's collected music since my early teens. I'm influenced by a diverse set of family and friends' music...from blues to hillbilly and early rock to modern pop. If it had a hook, was well written, or simply pleased me, I sought it out (and still do). Most of it has been converted to a high quality MP3 on my home system. I like to share with those who enjoy and appreciate diversity in music. You may not always agree with my choices, but if you stick with me, you'll most likely find something new, something you'll like, or something to further explore. I also host a radio show on a couple of different community radio stations in Sonoma County. The show is called Deeper Roots: A Century of America's Music and I take a two hour trip through the roots of our music, exploring seminal jazz, bluegrass, gospel, folk, and blues. The goal is to provide a curated look at our musical heritage. Join me on and Or check out my web page at