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Beyond Hard Rock, Beyond Classic Rock. The Best Rock Radio on the Internet. Van Halen, Moxy, Rush, Metallica, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, KISS, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Dokken, Thin Lizzy, DIO, Starz, RATT, Angel, AC/DC, UFO, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep

About Erik Rupp

Musician, Former Record Store Manager (Vista Records and Tapes, Vista, CA), Music Fan, Broadcaster. For the last fourteen years I have been the voice of Vista High School football on the internet. From the year 2000 to 2006 I did Erik's Metal Shop on, a bi-weekly internet radio show. I played the best in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal during that time, and am now back in the game for Vista Records Radio on Live 365. You will hear new songs (many of them rarely played elsewhere) added every day to Vista Records Radio - the playlists will not go stale. And more than half of the songs you will hear have been personally remastered by your host to sound as good as possible. If you like what you hear on Vista Records Radio then just click on the + button to add Vista Records Radio to your Live 365 presets. If you want to listen to the station without commercials - and if you'd like to support what we do here - then click on the VIP link from our Vista Records Radio station page and sign up as a VIP. That will go a long way towards defraying our costs so we can continue to upgrade what we do here to continue to give you the best Rock Radio on the internet! And share the link on your facebook page. Thanks!