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mainly metal......with some classic tracks , hair metal , and comedy thrown in to mix it up a bit

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************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Malignus's Lair strives to bring you a mix of the popular , wierd , heavy , goofy , rare and kick-ass tracks everyone loves .... mainly metal and hair metal...with some off-the-wall tracks thrown in to mix it up a bit. STAY TUNED , FREAKS !!!!! BECOME A LOYAL MINION OF MALIGNUS !!!!! p.s. - feel free to e-mail any requests with the subject line "malignus lair radio" if we have it we'll play it...hey....we may even respond to the e-mail ... heheheheh. Don't forget to rate the station when you listen ... let's bring more minions to MALIGNUS!!!! tell us what you'd like to hear more of ... and STAY TUNED , FREAKS!!!! Be sure to check out our page on facebook as well!!!!!!! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Be sure to join us on Malignus's Lair every Tuesday night for Cover Tune Tuesdays. Every Tuesday night from 8pm to 9pm (and replayed from 1am to 2am for those of you who don't sleep) we'll be featuring some of everyone's favorite metal bands covering all kinds of classic songs. Stay tuned , freaks!!!!!! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Malignus's Lair radio is proud to present the 2CW fancast. 2CW (officially known as Squared Circle Wrestling) is a Central New York independent wrestling promotion based out of Syracuse , N.Y. which features some of the best professional wrestling action , not only in New York state , but in the well as one of the most devoted and rabid fanbases ever seen. Go to for more information , merchandise , tickets , and more. Join original hat guy , dewey , token tom , and viking helmet for all of your news and info concerning Squared Circle Wrestling as well as interviews and other great fun. All of you rabid 2CW fans tune in and get your fix every sunday at 9 p.m. and again at 1 a.m. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Be sure to join us every friday night for "Hair Metal Heaven" ... from 8pm to 10pm (and replayed from 1am to 3am for all you insomniacs). 2 hours of everyone's favorite hair band tracks every friday night and , as always , don't hesitate to email us your requests for the show. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Please be sure to rate the station when you listen and feel free to email requests or if you're an unsigned or "indie" hard rock and metal artist .... feel free to drop us an email and possibly some mp3s for airplay consideration. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************