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Welcome to the bay area in California! It's nice to have a clean, crisp listening experience with consistency. We're here to ensure that music will be played at its best quality while providing a deeply thought-out playlist befitting of a radio station. Music pumping and speakers banging, we look for the right song that complements the next in every playlist. These playlists are designed to bring out the best out of each song without any awkward, uneasy breaks. We're critically specific of everything down to the very seconds of a track, guaranteeing radio cuts that will keep you off the floor jumping. The cast of Baystudio17 provides an updated stream for a fresh and new beat non a biweekly schedule, so nothing's repetitive and everyone keeps dancing. One of the main reasons we started this radio stream is to promote DJ's that have really nice sounds. They'll open the gates to euphoria. We'll make sure you get through. Songs from underground DJ's that are not downloadable on are formally requested from the DJ's before we play their tracks. Promoting underground, up-and-coming, and top DJ's all. Everything is prepared for anyone who's ready to jump, just follow the beat. All there's left to do is pressing the play button. We'll handle the rest. Good music, good life.