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trip hop music online from DISSONANT RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: rousseaurusso
Location: Montclair, NJ

YAHOO: bdcnj
The BUREAU of DISSONANT CULTURE presents: DISSONANT RADIO. Featuring trip-hop, downtempo, dub, dnb, idm & hip-hop from around the world. Tracks selected by djRousseauRusso (Montclair, NJ), Blood and Wires (Seattle), Grossman (Tokyo) & T.Cylinder (NYC). Contact us @ BDCNJ@YAHOO.COM // A rough guide to our monthly themes : JAN, previous year recap / FEB, underground, unsigned, no step, experimental / MARCH, Bristol, 90's trip-hop / APRIL - Asian / MAY - hip-hop underground & oldschool / JUNE -afro-latin diaspra - jazz, fusion, electronica / JULY - French / AUG - Dub days of summer & Jamaican / SEPT - Downtempo, Bristol Sound / OCT - "illtober" - illbient, dnb, idm, drill n' bass, grime, horrorcore / NOV - my favs from this year / DEC - OLD SCHOOL
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Chillout2 NY

sound system -::::
This station combines 2 of my favorite things Dub & France

- Anti-Hero HipHop -


indie/underground rock

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