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A journey through the famous hits and the rarely heard pieces in classical music

About Shawn Trapp

Hailing from New York's vibrant Hudson Valley, Shawn has been a fan of classical music since his childhood. He was an avid listener of the now defunct WNCN and WQXR radio stations in the New York area. Shawn is an amateur pianist, cellist, and composer in his own right. Finding his niche in classical radio back in college on WCVF FM Fredonia, Shawn has a deep understanding of the power of music and bringing his love for music to everyone who appreciates it. He served as classical music director and host for 3 years. He worked closely with the morning program on WNED classical 94.5 in Buffalo, NY. When not on the radio, Shawn enjoys composing and researching the life and music of Beethoven.