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Unsung Heroes of the Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, Funk, Garage, Swamp Pop and New Orleans R&B. From the vaults of the Knights of the Mau Mau. Many of these artists are appearing at the next Ponderosa Stomp in October 1 -3 2015, New Orleans

About knights of mau mau

The Ponderosa Stomp is an American roots music festival dedicated to recognizing the architects of rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, country, swamp pop, and soul. Founded in New Orleans and produced by the non-profit Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau, a diverse group of music fanatics who have presented over 50 concerts with over 300 musical legends, the Stomp always succeeds in exposing rare musical icons to their adoring fans and to new audiences. The Stomp itself has now become legendary in reviving careers and giving a new lease on musical life to so many performers.

Our primary annual event, the internationally revered Ponderosa Stomp, exists to celebrate, pay tribute to, and teach the cultural significance of the unsung heroes and heroines of rock-n-roll, rhythm & blues and other forms of American roots music while they are still alive. The Stomp festival and its year-round activities provide both a voice and career revival to overlooked sidemen, session musicians and other influential pioneers whose contributions have shaped American culture for over 50 years.

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Over 17 hours of the Unsung Heroes of the Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, Funk, Garage, Swamp Pop and New Orleans R&B- by the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau.

About The Ponderosa Stomp
Turn the lights down low and get ready to ball the wall for two big nights of Rock-a-Billy, Blues, Soul, Funk, Swamp Pop and New Orleans R&B by the true, unsung heroes of rock'n'roll at the 11th Annual Ponderosa Stomp.

In October, 2013 - the Rock N bowl in New Orleans will be transformed into an intimate houseparty with all of your rock n' roll heroes as the band. The Stomp features over 30 legendary artists - with over eight hours of music per night. The show starts at 6pm and lasts until 2am. At the Stomp, blues, booze, rockabilly and rock'n'roll reign supreme.