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Im a former radio DJ with over 17 years of on-air experience with a huge CD, LP, and 45 collection. I started collecting records when I was 4 and havent stopped buying music yet.

I started my first Live365 station "Jangle Radio" in December 1999 and have had a lot of fun programming my own radio stations without the nonsense, compromises and restrictions from penny pinching station owners and corportions, bossy program directors who know it all, overrated-overpaid radio consultants, and younger (naive) DJ's who think MTV invented Rock and Roll. (Yeah, I have been through everything that can go right and wrong in this business!)

I sincerely hope you have fun listening to my stations. Feel free to drop me a line for requests , donations to pay the bills and other information!

Billy G. Email: jangleradio@ya

Favorite Artists

The Beatles
What can you say about this band? They didn't invent "Power Pop" but it wouldn't exist without them.

Beach Boys
I love everything about their 60's and 70's classic albums, even the surfing, cars and girls songs. Pet Sounds is one of the greatest albums of all time!

The Who
Pete Townsend coined the phrase "Power Pop" to describe his group's music in the mid 60's. I think it fits perfectly for songs like "The Kids Are All Right" and many more classics!.

The Byrds
These guys (along with the Searchers and Hollies!) put the 12-string Jangle in Rock music. Brilliant song writers when they weren't covering Dylan or DeShannon, especially Gene Clark. Too bad the original lineup didn't stay together for more than 3 albums.

The Kinks
I still can't decide if I like the early "You Really Got Me" early Kinks, the later "Village Green" era Kinks better, or even the Arista AOR era! Ray Davies has written so many fantastic songs!

Favorite Albums

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Brian Wilson's classic Masterpiece! Unlike Sgt. Peppers this CD sounds timeless and not a 60's relic. PS: Get the box set!

The Beatles - Revolver
Every Beatles album is a classic IMO, but this album marked a huge turning point for the group and pop music in general.

The Who - The Who Sell Out
One of my first experiences listening to FM radio as a kid was listening to a "free-form" station that played the whole first side. Great cover and concept!

The Zombies - Odessy & Oracle
A beautiful album from a very underrated and overlooked band.

Jellyfish - Spilt Milk
If I had to pick a couple CD's from the 1990's that will last forever and become "Pop Classics" it's this amazing CD along with Jellyfish's first one, "Bellybutton", Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend, The Posies "Dear 23" and Cotton Mathers' "Kontiki".

Favorite Broadcasters

70's/80's Jangle Radio! Playing Classic Power Pop Favorites, Jangly college alternative, Melodic Album Rock and Top 40 Bubblegum from the 70's and 80's!

Philip's '66 Garage - Lots of rare garage rock goodies here!

Devlar Surf Sessions - all surfin' instro's!

Obscure and brilliant garage rock, punk & psychedelia from the last four decades.

SuperOldies 50's & 60's

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