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DJ: bikerlive
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

ICQ: 3337636
BikerBar Radio
My name is Michael Elta. I LOVE!! harleys, music, and the internet.... So I decided to combine these three loves!! BikerBar Radio was one of the first stations on

Professionally I am a PhD in electrical engineering and work as an independent consultant and educator. I teach electrical engineering, motorcycle safety classes, and web design.

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My ICQ number is 3337636

The BikerBar Radio Web Site has detailed information about the broadcast, the artists, easy assess to my channels, web cams, web chat, email groups to alert you to special broadcasts, and and and .......

Tune into my brand of Americana Music for "the ROAD!!"

Favorite Artists

steve earle
master of intellegent country rock... he does it all

ry cooder
master of americana music style and lore (blues to cuban)

rev gary davis
THE man of blues. May be an acquired taste.. so?.. ACQUIRE!it

townes van zandt
master of singer song writer americana... when he gets blue...this was NOT an act!!

ralph stanley
THE man of bluegrass.. is amazing how much great music he has produced

Favorite Albums

Lucinda Williams - car wheels on a gravel road
This is a perfect songwriter's CD. Zen like descriptive

Fred Eaglesmith - Lipstick. Lies, Gasoline
If I had to only have ONE CD on a desert island...This is it!

Robbie Fulks - 13 Hillbilly Giants
It makes me laugh... but the songs and delivery are perfect.

Peter Bruntnell - Normal for Bruntnell
I found this CD last year... It has never left my car yet!!

David Ball - Amigo
All around entertaining CD...prefectly crafted

Favorite Broadcasters
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