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BikerBar Radio:-!LIVE!-Americana Music for The Road ( 0ver 13,000 songs / 33 days / NO repeats / NO narrow genres )

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My name is Michael Elta. I LOVE!! harleys, music, and the internet.... So I decided to combine these three loves!! BikerBar Radio was one of the first stations on

Professionally I am a PhD in electrical engineering and work as an independent consultant and educator. I teach electrical engineering, motorcycle safety classes, and web design.

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My ICQ number is 3337636

The BikerBar Radio Web Site has detailed information about the broadcast, the artists, easy assess to my channels, web cams, web chat, email groups to alert you to special broadcasts, and and and .......

Tune into my brand of Americana Music for "the ROAD!!"

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BikerBar Radio

( 6078 Songs & 15days/9hrs/6mins/7secs Cycle )

BikerBar Radio offers streaming MP3 audio of a unique nature. It offers music that you would almost never hear on "normal" radio.

My goal is to play music that I would like to hear when riding a 1000 mile day on my harley. Music to keep me company as the miles float by. Music to keep my feet tapping on the pegs. Music to complement the pictures of what I see "on the road".

BikerBar Radio gives 100% of all $$$ generated back to the recording artist!! ( $1.67 and climbing ) Maybe in a year or two....I will have enough to buy a beer for a musician before their concert!!

BikerBar Radio plays music that is very hard to put in a genre. It is not quite country, not standard Biker road songs, not rock, and and and.... It is fundamentally music that I have learned to love over the years. It has a very strong sense of "Americana" music, but is not limited to music of the USA. My bias in selecting songs is toward the singer/songwriter with an acoustic bent.

You will find music that is is very alternative Texas Western, some alternative Tennessee Country, some Louisiana Cajun, Kentucky BlueGrass or NewGrass, Mississippi Delta Blues, World Folk, some Rock, some Latin, some Swing, and and and... Who knows... you might even hear a pop song here or there... something from Wales, Scotland, or Ireland... or or or...