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various music online from Lost Planet Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: billwx
Location: Cranford, NJ

Greetings from New Jersey! This is Lost Planet Radio, proud to be AMERICAN! You'll hear just about anything, but primarily rock, older pop ('70s-80s, early 90s), ELO, Pink Floyd, some independent artists, Weird Al and other Comedy, etc... Check out the homepage for LIVE PROGRAMS! MP3Pro! LET FREEDOM RING!
Favorite Artists

A nice combo of rock and classical styles.

Pink Floyd
C'mon, the music is timeless..gotta love PF!

Weird Al Yankovic
Because we all need a laugh. Besides, some of the parodies are better than the original! THANKS to Al for Lost Planet Radio IDs!

A nice variety of styles and songs.

Favorite Albums

ELO - Flashback
A great compilation of some of the best ELO tunes!

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Just because you HAVE to have DSOM with you if you're stranded anywhere!

Jeff Lynne is back!

OMD - History of Modern
OMD is back with a new album for 2010!