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smooth jazz music online from Just Right on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: billy g
Location: Mid Michigan

Here is a look at the cover of Nick Colionne's latest cd, NO LIMITS. Thanks Carol and Nick for permission and good luck with the new project...We'll see you in East Lansing July 25th - Front Row! My broadcast station JUST RIGHT originates from central lower Michigan. I've had a love of music and collecting recordings since the ripe old age of 13. It is difficult where I live to find a station on the radio dial that I could stand to listen to all day. I became frustrated to the point of starting my own. I hope you enjoy it. Enough about me; please let me hear from you. I would appreciate your e-mails, feedback, suggestions and how you think my station rates. Thank you for listening.
Favorite Artists

Paul Taylor
Very unique style. Makes good music

Nick Colionne
Fabulous talent.Non-stop energy. Makes good music. Smooth Jazz cruise coming up January 2007.

Peter White
One of the best guitar players I've ever met. Makes good music

Joyce Cooling
This lady sings as good as she plays. Makes good music. I really hope to meet her some day.

Gerald Veasley
I Gerald. Welcome! (It's a bass player thing folks!)

Favorite Albums

Paul Taylor - Anything he's recorded
This guy is off the hook when he's on the horn.

Boy Katindig - Groovin' High
Excellent keyboard strategies

Eric Marienthal - Got You Covered
Another unique style on the sax

Joyce Cooling - Anything she's recorded
Let YOUR ears explain it to you.

Peter White - Playin Favorites
Start, finish and all in between.

Favorite Broadcasters

Playing SMOOTH JAZZ, not snooze jazz.

Hey! Why not ME?

Did I mention the best smooth mix you can find?

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