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halloween music online from Bindlegrim Halloween on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Bindlegrim
Location: Ichabods Cottage

While managing a music store back in the mid 90s, I loved spending my modest income on the various strange CD's that arrived, discovering a little gem of vintage jazz called Halloween Stomp from Jass Records. It's an awesome CD filled with music and sound snippets of vintage jazz and animation of spooky themes. As someone who has loved the long history of music this spurred a new interest in holiday-themed music from other eras. And since I've also been recently creating vintage inspired holiday art for the past year under the name Bindlegrim, it seemed only natural to finally create a playlist of the music that might be heard in the studio.
Favorite Broadcasters

Vintage Popular Music and Jazz 1925-1935

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80's pop, Synth, New Wave & Gothic tunes.

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