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Note: Playlist updates have been on hiatus since the end of 2008. The DJ may pick it up again in the future. Thanks for writing in and tuning in.

10/09/08: Added 30 latest chart toppers, including songs from Zhou Jielun and SHE's latest albums, Lin Junjie's new singles, and Ayumi Hamasaki's Chinese single. [周杰伦,SHE,林俊杰,滨崎步]

08/15/08: Added a beautiful song, In the Summer, by Cao Fang. Indeed, it feels like a cool, refreshing breeze in a scorching summer day. Totally love it! [曹方:在夏天]

08/08/08: Added the theme song of the opening ceremony of the XXIX Beijing Olympiad: You and Me by Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman. [北京奥运会主题曲: 刘欢\莎拉布莱曼: 我和你]

07/29/08: Added many Beijing Olympiad-themed songs, such as One World One Dream and Beijing Welcomes You.

05/16/08: Added Jackie Chan’s new song “Life or Death, Never Let Go,” written and dedicated to the 7.8-magnitude quake that struck southwestern China’s Sichuan province Monday, May 12, 2008. [成龙的抗震励志歌曲《生死不离》]

02/09/08: I'd like to dedicate this warm and auspicious song to all my loyal listeners on the occasion of the Chinese New Year: Goddess Scattering Flowers sung by Zhang Ziyi, the Beijing-born and the Golden Globe Award-nominated actress starring in Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She sang this song at the 2008 CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala live broadcast watched by billions of viewers on Feb. 6th.[章子怡: 天女散花]

02/04/08: Added 20 new tracks, including "The Sichuan-Tibetan Road" by Zhaxi Dunzhu, a 20-year-old, six-feet-tall heartthrob of the Tibetan nationality. His name means auspiciousness and happiness. Check out his blog: [扎西顿珠: 川藏路]

01/09/08: Happy New Year -- of 2008 belatedly and of the Mouse in advance! To celebrate this great year ahead of us, AllChineseHits will present a special program: Featured Artist of the Month. We begin with one of my all-time favorite musicians, Tong An'ge [童安格], this month. Dozens of his songs--2-3 per block--can be heard in the playlist throughout the day. Feel free to e-mail me your requested "artist of the month."

12/13/07: Huang Licheng: 1937 -- a song he wrote to commemorate the 300,000 Chinese civilians killed by Japanese Fascists in the Nanjing Massacre on December 13, 1937 druing WWII. [黄立成: 1937 -- 悼念侵华日军南京大屠杀30万同胞遇难70周年]

11/30/07: Three theme songs of the CCTV prime time series "Five-Star Hotel." [央视海岩青春励志剧"五星大饭店"所有主题曲]

Cai Qin: Flower on the Sea (hai shang hua) and other classics.[蔡琴: 海上花]

More tracks from Jay Chow's (Zhou Jielun) new album, "I'm Busy" (wo hen mang).[周杰伦新专辑"我很忙"选曲]

11/3/07: Re-introducing one of my favorite classics by the "Godfather of Music of Taiwan" Luo Dayou: Love Song 1990 (lian qu 1990). [罗大佑:恋曲1990]

10/29/07: Jolin Cai Yilin's latest hit: Ri Buluo (The sun never sets) [蔡依林:日不落]. Just love this song -- love at first listen! Upbeat rhythms plus memorable lyrics make it so refreshing. Jolin rocks!

Jay Chow's swift transition from Chinese-trditional-style-infused pop/rap to the 60s American country music. See if you like "Cowboy's Busy." [周杰伦:牛仔很忙]

Another emotional and poetic song by You Hongming: Lazy Bird & Withered Flower. [游鸿明:倦鸟余花]

10/13/07: "色戒"电影原声 -- 张学友: 淹没. Soundtrack from Ang Lee's Lust Caution: Drowned (yan mo) by Zhang Xueyou.

8/8/07: "We Are Ready"--the the

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