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DJ: Bluesnado
Location: Norwood, MA

I am broadcasting here as an effort to keep the BLUES and BLUES ROCK genre alive in today's modern pop culture. In the times of "Sharknado" I hope we do not forget that real human created sound from instruments that require love, labor and sweat still matters and can bring happiness to the soul. In support of this station, please consider purchasing "Bluesnado" original music and ringtones available on Amazon and iTunes in the below links. Thank you!
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Favorite Artists

Eric Clapton
The master of soul rendered guitar and vocals.

Mark Knopfler
Creative and unique.

Jimi Hendrix
Makes me wonder where did this guy come from? True god sent talent.

Robert Johnson
The inspiration and father of rock.

BB King
Listen for 10 seconds and you know who it is.