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The radio station and website is dedicated to entertain, educate, promote, and preserve the music from Georgia. Independent artist are very important to our playlist. Each song played has a connection to the music industry in Georgia..

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The Georgia Music Channel is dedicated to preserving the history of Georgia music artists - songwriters, producers,and musicians. Our website's mission@ is established to inform, educate and entertain music fans from a wide spectrum of genre. Our radio station recognizes Georgia artists and those having a connection to Georgia with airplay of their music. Most all of us know that Jason Aldean is from Macon, GA and we play his music. However, some fans may not know that Elvis chose songs written by Mac Davis (Atlanta, GA), therefore when you hear a song by a vocalist or group that is not from Georgia, the song was either written or produced by someone from Georgia. Georgia has a tremendous number of music artists and our playlist covers a wide variety of terrific music.

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Find out more about Georgia artists. Visit our website @ The Georgia Music Channel