DJ Profile
dream pop music online from Heavenly Voices on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: bobsnow
Location: Kingman, AZ

I have loved ethereal music since I discovered the Cocteau Twins. I've been collecting this music for 12 years. Much of it is very rare and out of print.
Favorite Artists

Cocteau Twins
The greatest ethereal band ever!

Interesting melodies

Donna Regina
The most overlooked band in the world!

The Mirror Reveals
Great new band on the Middle Pillar label

Jack or Jive
very unique

Favorite Albums

Heavenly Voices - I-IV
What can I say?

Donna Regina - A Quiet week in the House
Mostly not Heavenly Voices material but I still love it!

Chandeen - Waking Dream
Some of their best songs

The Mirror Reveals - Frames in Technicolor
All great songs

Siddal - The Pedestal
Their best full length album

Favorite Broadcasters

Great ethereal/goth station

New station from yours truly. I hope to have it up and running soon

Music from the best TV show ever!

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