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BEAUTIFUL MUSIC RADIO easy listening instrumentals from Broadway, Hollywood, America's great collection of standards and hit orchestral selections from around the world. See us at

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Presenting easy listening instrumental selections from Broadway, Hollywood and America's great collection of standards. Please visit our website presenting news and bios of beautiful music makers from countries all around the world. Decades of popular orchestral selections from Europe, Asia, The Americas. Our album music sweeps are primarily from CDs but there are a few older LP tracks you may not have heard in years.

My favorite beautiful music instrumental selections streaming throughout the day and night. Mostly performances from recordings of the mid 20th century. Many favorite orchestral pieces from my old LP collection. Enjoy! Please write through "SHOUTOUT" on the Live 365 Station Page.---"R A Campbell"

"Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia"

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---"R A Campbell , former beautiful music radio program director and radio station manager.

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Great albums of beautiful traditional pop instrumental music streaming on the internet. TRADITIONAL Beautiful Music Radio from the early 1950's to 1980's. Featuring many popular beautiful music instrumentalists.

A comment from a listener best describes our objective here at

Found your station quite by accident when searching for a "beautiful music station" that would allow me to listen without playing disturbing "big band" or nostalgia music. There are other beautiful music format stations but none have the special touch yours has. I think when you use the word "quiet" it says it all. Easy listening has become a label that is applied indiscriminately to various types of music including "soft rock". When I found your station, and heard how tasteful and "pure" your brand of easy listening is, I immediately knew I had found a station programmed by someone who knew what they were doing. When I go to sleep, I have your station on, and when I wake up, it's there as I hit the snooze button, and there's nary a shift in the continuity. To me, listening to a format such as this, and having a cut that is harsh or not melodic, totally ruins the mood for me. Many of the artists you play have produced cuts that were of that category, and the difference between your station, and others, is that you recognize the difference and eliminate them from airplay. Indeed, kudos to you!