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DJ: Mr.Boogie
Location: Jackson, MS

YAHOO: stagalee5
Welcome to Boogie Blues Radio. Websters Dictionary defines the word "boogie as earthy and strongly rhythmic music conducive to dancing; also : a period of or occasion for dancing to this music . And the intransive verb as : to dance to music; also : REVEL, PARTY To move quickly : to get going . Thats what we are about . We are deadicated to the preservation and propagation of the only true american art form ,THE BLUES.We also give tribute to the Gospel, Jazz ,Rock ,Hip Hop,Southern Soul as well as Rhythm and Blues which all sprang from THE BLUES. We Salute the People who have labored to create our musical legacy as well as the folks who are instrumental in getting the music to the people.Artist, DJs,Promotion People,Shop Owners and Music Lovers, this stream is for you. Welcome and enjoy Boogie On!!!!!!
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