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Bossa Nova Breakfast
Bossa Nova, Samba & Brazilian Jazz!

It all started with an interest in the melodies of Jobim, the voice of Joao Gilberto, and the classic sessions of Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd, which led me to other recordings by musicians from the original Bossa Nova movement like Luiz Bonfa, Nara Leao and Carlos Lyra. Eventually I began to explore the work of the many "Nova" Bossa Nova artists who keep the spirit of this music alive today. In January 2001 I launched The Bossa Nova Breakfast, Live365's Original Bossa Nova Station, featuring Bossa Nova, Samba & Brazilian Jazz

Visit the new website today at Bossa Nova! I’ve expanded the music section to include classic and contemporary Bossa Nova and Samba recordings, added more links to Bossa Nova artists, music websites and online resources, and included new featured videos!

The Bossa Nova Breakfast is the#1 Bossa Nova station on Live365, and is also ranked among the 5 most popular stations on the entire network. You can follow me on Twitter (@bossanovaradio) to find out what's playing and what's coming up on the station, for links to videos that I've come across on YouTube, and for other Bossa Nova sites that I think you'll find interesting. I've also started experimenting with "Cloudcasts" on Mixcloud, so give them a listen and let me know what you think.

Here's look at the last few songs played on the station:

Favorite Artists

Antonio Carlos Jobim
Jobim wrote some of the world's most beautiful melodies. They continue to be among of the most popular and recognizable songs of the last 50 years!

Joao Gilberto
The innovator of Bossa Nova, Gilberto's understated singing voice and subtle guitar playing helped to define the early years of the Bossa Nova movement.

Eliane Elias
A master of Brazilian music, Eliane is also one of the finest pianists in modern jazz.

Rosa Passos
Although not as well known as other Brazilian singers, Rosa has an intimate vocal style that makes her totally unique.

Paula Morelenbaum
Along with her husband, Jaques, Paula has helped to redefine and renew contemporary Bossa Nova music.

Favorite Broadcasters

Mostly Bop
From Bird and Diz to Miles and Trane... Bebop, Hard Bop and Cool Jazz

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