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DJ: Steve M.
Location: New Orleans, LA

Rocket Radio is true Freeform. The music rotation is made up of pop, rock and indie hits from yesterday and today. We also like to mix things up with a few classics or obscure tracks every now and then. You can hear everything from Fall Out Boy to Michael Buble' For the latest in Entertainment news/gossip, visit Thanks for listening! --Commander Steve
Favorite Artists

Elton John
Music and recording legend who has also made a social impact through his activism and philanthropy. Who can't recall a personal memory of the past when they hear an EJ song?

The name says it all. The band that changed the world.

Varied Artists
The inspirational and provocative war and culture ballads/anthems of the 1960s and 1970s.

Varied Artists
My hand-picked "Best of" my generation's musical contributions: Disco to Divas!

Varied Artists
A collection of timely hits perfect for remembrance, love, inspiration, fun and more!

Favorite Albums

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
The album that made Elton a worldwide success.

Beatles - Abbey Road

Favorite Broadcasters

Sonic Sedition
Station Page: Listen NOW:

Razor's Edge

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