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bossa nova music online from Brazil Moods [mp3PRO] on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: broadcastor
Location: Lisboa, Portugal

A great fan of Brazilian music since my early teens! Born in Portugal, I lived in Brazil for a short period of my life, in a beautiful city near São Paulo, called Santos.If someone from there is listening, I'd be much pleased to know it. I have a huge collection of bossa nova and MPB music, not only on CD, but also on good old vinyl (I mean those big black discs that you put a needle on to play... if you still remember). Not so easy the conversion to MP3:-( , but it´s worth the pain, because I have great music on there:-). With this station I expect to please the fans of brazilian music, and to attract some new ones to some of the best music on this planet! I also love Jazz music, and find Live 365 very addictive. Please, contact for suggestions, opinions, song requests,etc,...
Favorite Artists

João Gilberto
The "Inventor" of Bossa Nova. Why? He alone was responsible for its two main innovations: a new syncopated beat ,and a new singing style: soft and subtle.

António Carlos Jobim
He wrote most of the songs, that today everybody knows as Bossa Nova classics. In a certain way he was inspired by Gilberto´s style of singing and playing.

Milton Nascimento
From the post-bossa era, he´s one of Brazil´s best songwriters. His song "Bridges" (Travessia), is one of my all-time, all-genre favorites!

Jorge Ben
A completely different approach, say, from Jobim or Gilberto´s. But a compelling performer and composer, with a strong beat, always underlying his music.

Miles Davis
One of the few 20th Century music genius, not only in jazz, but all genres considered.

Favorite Albums

Stan Getz and João Gilberto - Getz / Gilberto
Bossa Nova had certainly been "invented" some years before, but in USA, this album and "Jazz Samba" by Charlie Byrd/Getz, were the sparks that began to spread this music all around.

Elis Regina and A. C. Jobim - Elis & Tom
According to the reports, not a pacific session beetween the two... But in the end, you can even listen to them laughing at each other ("Aguas de Março"). And a masterpiece was born.

João Gilberto - Amoroso / Brasil
In fact, these are 2 albums in one CD package (great value). Discover where Diana Krall took lessons for her latest albuns...

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Nothing to do with Bossa Nova or MPB, (or whatever), but beautiful, mesmerizing music. By the way, Miles also did a bossa inspired album, "Quiet Nights": a big flop, that even led to a breakup beetween Miles and his longtime friend and arranger Gil Evans!

Milton Nascimento - Courage
A very underrated album, but with a great set of songs, many of them are now classics: Bridges (Travessia), Salt Song, Tres Pontas, Morro Velho, etc....

Favorite Broadcasters

KKJZ 88.1 FM. The world´s best jazz station is also on Live365!

bossa2nova. When brazilian music meets american jazz...

FADO DE PORTUGAL. Music from my country.

Soukous Radio. Cool sounds from Africa and Caribbe

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